Instructors Marshall and Jaclyn Gooding love shooting sports of all kinds.  From pistols, to shotguns, to rifles, to paintball markers, they are involved in making sure that all around them know about safety and protection.


-- Harry Winston

Legendary Firearms

101 Slaton Dr., Nash, TX  75569



Jaclyn Gooding

Jaclyn Gooding is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University with degrees in Political Science and Mass Communication. Her passion is to help teach others, women specifically, how to safely and effective use firearms. Jaclyn is a certified Texas License to Carry Instructor and performs the classroom activities for the class, as well as an NRA certified instructor and range safety officer.


Raymond Calhoun

Raymond Calhoun is a native born Texan, 20 year NRA member and a Vietnam veteran with over 40 years in law enforcement from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and TISD Police Department before he retired in December of 2014. He has been a Firearms Instructor for State Parole and local law enforcement for over 30 years. Raymond is also a trainer for handguns, rifles and shotguns and teaches all experience levels, including beginner, tactical, defensive and target shooting.


Brian "Tank" Abbett

Tank has been a part of the Legendary team for several years and wears many hats. If he is not running the indoor shooting range you might find him as a referee and manager at our paintball park (www.legendarypaintball.com). Tank, a certified welder, was instrumental in assisting Marshall in actually building several parts of the range. He also holds his Associates Degree in History from Texarkana College. Tank has one child, Sooner, a Chihuahua/Terrier mix.