Whether you’re a new or prospective gun owner in search of training, whatever your age or level of expertise, whatever type of firearm you’re interested in, Legendary Firearms is here to help you.


From beginner to developing competitor, Legendary Firearms develops safe, ethical, responsible shooters. NRA Certified Instructors develop competitors at the club, high school, collegiate and national levels.  In addition, our instructors are Certified LTC Instructors.



Whether a woman’s interest is personal safety, gun safety, gun knowledge, marksmanship, or recreational or competitive shooting, Legendary Firearms has a variety of programs and activities that all encourage female participation at all skill levels. We have a women league called Legendary Women's Shooting League.



We hold a Federal Firearms License, and are also an NFA firearms dealer. We are happy to handle special orders or transfers.  Like us on Facebook to see what we have in stock regularly!


FFL Transfers

We are available to handle FFL transfers. Once the firearm is purchased please forward the relevant information (order number, customer, item, etc.) to and include an email address (preferably) or fax number for the dealer you have purchased from. Once the firearm is in store and checked in we will contact you and let you know it is ready for transfer. Our FFL transfer fee is $25 per firearm and $20 for LTC holders.


If you’d like to special order an item without having to pay a transfer fee you can purchase on and select us as the dealer. The item will come to us and you will not have to pay the $25 transfer fee.


Gun Smithing

We are not licensed to do any gun smithing and are not affiliated with any gun smith. For gun smith inquiries please contact:

Jym Johnson - 903-278-6969

Bill Vickers - 903-701-4800


Class III Items

We have a special tax stamp and are a "Class III" dealer. The most common item in this category that we sell is suppressors. If you need assistance these can be ordered in store, or you can also shop online here.


We are a powered by Silencer Shop dealer, so rather than us doing everything for an order in store, Silencer Shop does everything, including all the paperwork, and they send us the suppressor once everything is completed. There is no additional transfer fee when ordering this way.


It normally takes about a week to get the suppressor in store once it is ordered from our distributors. Once in store we will do the customer’s paperwork (at this point you will submit paperwork and pay the $200 tax stamp fee to the ATF.) It normally takes 6-8 months to get your stamp back from the ATF once you send in your paperwork. When the stamp comes in you are able to then take the suppressor home with you. We do allow customers to shoot their suppressors in our range while they are waiting for their stamp to come back.


If you would like to submit your paperwork using a trust and need to acquire one, please contact:

Ross & Shoalmire - Elder Law Attorneys, L.L.P.

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